I was the kind of kid who got up early and hurried to school on the first day of the new year so that she could sit as close to the art supplies and pencil sharpener as possible.  Things haven’t changed much. 


Above:  “Would You Want to Teach You?”

Created by Shelley Deck for her M.Ed. Exhibition

cv highlights

Formal Education

♥  University of Victoria
Master’s of Education
Victoria, BC
♥  University of Regina
Bachelor of Visual Arts (with distinction)
Regina, SK
♥  University of Regina
Bachelor of Education
Major: Visual Art Education Minor: English/Language Arts
Regina, SK


Thumbnail Sketch

  • Drawing Major.  Emphasis on Drawing Development.  I have been interested in learning and teaching drawing skills (realism) since I went to China in 1985 as part of a Cultural Exchange Delegation.  The experiences I had while visiting China’s Children’s Palaces stuck.  It was this trip that ignited a fire in me.  That May, I knew I would spend the rest of my life making, learning about, and teaching art.  I remain grateful for the opportunity.
  • English Minor.  What can I say?  I love to read and write.  My favourite poet is Pablo Neruda.  Favourite book of all time:  Perfume, by Patrick Suskind.
  • I have a huge interest in First Nations Art History and Contemporary Practices.  This started when I first moved to La Loche and my neighbour smoked and tanned moose hide in her back yard.  The smell is one of my top three favorite smells on the planet!  This led to my exploration of beading.  Then, the exploration became an obsession.  Beading is an art form that I find very relaxing and meditative.  I am definately a beadaholic.  Right now, I am working on a beaded top hat inspired by Norval Morrisseau.  It will be my beading opus.
  • I started my teaching career in 1992.  As of September 2018, I have over twenty-five years of experience in Arts Education and CTS/PAA. Qualifications include a Bachelor of Visual Arts, a Bachelor of Education, Master’s of Education, I.B. Art & Design certification and more!  These days, I am super passionate about online high school visual art programs and classrooms.  My M.Ed. project and exhibition discusses how emerging digital technologies are changing and transforming teacher identity in a proliferating cyber culture.  Very neat stuff!
  • Some of my professional development – as an artist and arts educator – has taken me to Victoria, Miami, New Mexico, Venezuela, Curacao, La Loche, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat/Calgary…but I have taken several on-line classes too!
  • International experiences include employment as an International Baccalaureate Art & Design Educator at the private International School of Curacao, in the Netherland Antilles, Caribbean.  I have relocated to Curacao to teach twice now.  I count the island of one of my many homes on the planet.  My Dutch is not so good, but I feel pretty comfortable speaking Papiamentu and Spanish when there.
  • Alternative educational experience includes providing education and life skills programming to young offenders in an open custody residential environment (Salvation Army).
  • University teaching experience includes the duties of a Faculty Associate in the Faculty of Education at The University of Lethbridge, Alberta.
  • I have over six years of accumulated teaching experience at an ESL First Nations and Metis Community School in Northern Saskatchewan called La Loche, another one of my many homes on the planet.  I can’t seem to stay away.  My Dene speaking skills are not so good, so I super appreciate the language learning group I follow on Facebook.  Nazu!
  • I also worked as an art gallery educator/docent at a Provincial Art Gallery.  Loved it!  Working directly with art and artists was phenomenal!
  • I like applying for grants.  I have had several ‘Shared Challenges’ grants for Arts Festivals in La Loche.  I actualized an extra-curricular Film and Video Club and received a $10,000 Alberta Foundation For the Arts in Education Grant for Brooks Composite High School arts education programs in 2004.  I also successfully completed a $7000 stop motion animation project grant at Kelliher School via the ArtsSmarts (Saskatchewan Arts Board) in 2010.
  • My  www.shelleydeck.com website was launched in 2005, while I was on secondment at the University of Lethbridge.  When I returned to my high school classroom, I posted classwork syllabus and assignments for students – and parents –  on the web way before the school divisions started doing it.   For over ten years, it was used as a source of information for both students and colleagues internationally.  It underwent a facelift these past two years to accommodate my artist identity more and to reframe the classroom offerings to students. I really liked being a digital art education pioneer and included this experience in my M.Ed. studies.
  • Teacher professional development includes WJ III (Woodcock Johnson) training, Project Criss, SWIS (School Wide Information System), WYNN (Wizard and Reader), PBIS (Response To Intervention Positive Behaviour Inforcement Strategies) as well as Levelled Literacy Instruction.  Most recently, I have been studying the impact of Traumatic Events on people (and related approaches to therapy/healing from trauma).
  • I started Catnip Republic Productions, an art and arts education product business with multiple online stores (Including TeachersPayTeachers, Etsy and Society6), in 2012.
  • I also have watercraft operators licence, a trapping licence and Naui scuba diving certification.
  • I love ‘walk and talks’ around the lake, Adobe Photoshop, down-hill skiing, Butterfly Jasmine Green Tea, and Popsicles.


Snippets from letters of reference:

Shelley’s background in arts education makes her an ideal candidate…an accomplished educator in any setting…enthusiastic, responsible and very creative…her involvement in community arts organizations has been highly praised…openness and poise gain her instant respect from fellow teachers…technologically literate, highly adaptable and quick to learn new content…I hope my children can be so lucky to have an art teacher who possesses Shelley’s skill…she is driven by a well articulated vision of what art education can and should be…Shelley has my highest recommendation.


Want to know even more?  Email me:  shelley@shelleydeck.com